IES Puerta Bonita Madrid (ES)

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IES Puerta Bonita is a public school member of the Council of Education centres network in Madrid’s Community. The school is located inside the premises of a state known as “Vista Alegre” which was a peasant property during the XVIII century. Part of this wide area is now our Vocational Training School which was established on October 1990, settled in an old building dating from year 1925, which previously was a minors home. From its origins it has been a specific and specialized professional training school in technical professions related to the Media.
The Centre’s main objective is to qualify its students as technicians. There are two levels of qualification: a higher and an intermediate degree in the fields of Graphic Arts and Audio-visuals, Image and Audio techonologies, with the high-priority objective of facilitating the integration into the labour market or self-employment of these professionals.
With respect to the industrial reality in the audio-visual and graphical sectors, we can state that a very important technologic change has taken place, and that implies new tools, new products and markets, new professional profiles and a tendency to demand very ambitious requirements and apparently contradictory at the same time:
– Multipurpose profiles
– High specialization in specific tools
– Self apprenticeship capacity
– Complete readiness in schedules or travelling
– Labour Precariety
In the Graphic Arts field, the officials courses offered are:
– Intermediate Degree: Print Process
– Intermediate Degree: Digital Prepress Process
– Higher Degree: Graphic Design and Editorial Production
– Higher Degree: Production in Graphic Arts Industries
All the degrees have a training period in a graphic company once the students have finished their official courses at school. This period is around 400 hours, depending on the degree.


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