Hansenberg, Kolding (DK)


HANSENBERG is a predominant player in education and training in the entire region. The main school and the student hostel were built in 2001 and are situated at 28 Skovvangen in Kolding. The school’s other addresses are C.F. Tiegtens Vej and 90 Vranderupvej.

Kolding Technical School started in 1854 as a night school for apprentices. During the 21st century, Kolding Technical School took an entirely new building into use as well as redesigned existing buildings for teaching according to the latest principles of learning. In 2007 the school was renamed HANSENBERG after the two founders of the school, Peter Hansen and Chresten Berg.

The new building as well as the redesigned buildings provide the settings for an open learning environment in which traditional classrooms have been replaced by open learning rooms, lecture rooms and flexible conference rooms. The student environment merges with the Bistro. Access to information is provided by some 900 PCs, ensuring direct user access to the Internet.

HANSENBERG is the first Danish educational institution to be awarded the international award called Recognised for Excellence


Skovvangen 28  ·  6000 Kolding
T: +45 79 32 01 00  ·  F: +45 75 53 82 96

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