The concept of the LINK2 project is to adress three themes of great importance in vocational education of young professionals in the area of design and graphic production.

The area of packaging is increasing and at the same time the area is not very well implemented in the educational programmes of the vocational education and training in the partner countries. As a result of this, it is the aim to develop 5 courses with different focus in the area of packaging, to improve the VETprogrammes within graphic design and production, not only in the partner institutions but also within the European VET Institutions in Graphic design and production. The curriculum of the courses are, as a part of the concept, testet in ‘real life’ by bringing groups of students from each partner institution together in a learning situation. It is an important part of the concept that the students work in transnational groups and learn from each other, improving their language and cultural skills.

At the same time it is an important part of the project concept to share best practises in peadagogic methods and for the teachers to learn from each other.

The last theme to be adressed in the project is to share ideas and concepts to avoid drop out of students in the VET educations of the partners. The concept here is again to lean from each other an collect good ideas and practises from the partners and partner-countries.