The LINK-Projekt

thelinkLINK is a network of 6 VET-schools which educate students in the field of graphic art and media industry occupations. The idea of LINK is to connect know how, knowledge, people and culture of the partner-schools to share ideas, strategies and perspectives to face the challenges in media design and  -production.

The LINK partners are:

1) IES Puerta Bonita, Madrid, E
2) Copenhagen Technical College, Medie Production, Copenhagen, DK
3) HANSENBERG, Kolding, DK
4) Itä-Uudenmaan koulutuskuntayhtymä, Porvoon ammattiopisto, Porvoo Vocational College, Porvoo, SF
5) Jyväskylän koulutuskuntayhtymä, Jyväskylä Educational Consortium, Jyväskylä, SF
6) School of design, GBS St.Gallen, CH

This LINK-Project addresses three themes which are equally important and tied together with the partner’s ability and interest in developing high quality education of professionals for the trades of graphic art and media-production.

The first theme is the basic theme which addresses the need for development of courses in the growing market of packaging design.
The second theme is the meta theme that will address pedagogic and didactic issues.
The third theme is the frame theme that will address the political demand in Europe and Switzerland, that young generations get an education and that drop out in the educational systems is minimized.

The basic-theme involves students and teachers from the partners and associated partners as well as companies from the packaging industry and trade committees. The aim of it is to develop new ideas and set new standards for education in the growing area of packaging design and production and put these innovative contents into the curriculas of the occupations of printing technologists, press-operators, pre-press operators and grafic designers, shaped and written to the skills and possibilities of each occupation. We have a number of companies and social partners involved in the project as associated partners in order to involve their expertise and to assure the impact of the courses we intent to develop.

The meta-theme involves teachers, school boards, teacher education institutions. We will increase the quality of pedagogical behaviour as well as methodical and didactical aspects of education in graphic industry between the participation schools. The meta-theme involves the sharing of educational practises among teachers, and the discussion of the possibilities of digital classrooms and blended learning in the network of the participating schools. In the planned meetings there will be special activities to give the participating schools new knowledge and to show how development of the pedagogical practise is performed at each of the partner schools and in each of the partner countries. Education in the graphic area is heavily equipped with digital hard- and software and we will explore the possibilities and limits that these circumstances give the teaching in the area. We will share experience with digital platforms for student’s access to material, and we will discuss the possibilities of setting up digital classrooms.

The frame-theme involves teachers, school boards and legal administrations. Students and teachers are involved in a school-system which develops a certain conduct in supporting the students. The conduct is a part of a national or regional policy on how young citizens are educated and introduced to the labour marked. The VET institutions in Spain and Finland have experience in, and tradition with, school based systems whereas the Danish and the Swiss students are educated in a dual based system. Does the school based/dual based system influence the way we support our students, and what are the methods used to minimize dropout of students? We want to look into the best practise for minimizing the dropout rate. The partners want to learn from each other how to face students with learning problems and social problems.