Porvoo Vocational College, Amisto


Porvoo Vocational College, Amisto, is part of the Intermunicipal Federation in East-Uusimaa in Southern Finland. Local communities are members of the Intermunicipal Federation and Porvoo Vocational College is one of the schools owned and financed by it. Amisto has four campuses. Two of the campuses are located in Porvoo and the others in the neighbouring municipalities of Askola and Loviisa. In these campuses Amisto offers vocational education to comprehensive school graduates (youth sector, ages 15 – 19) in the technical and service sectors. Immigrant education for all ages is also available.

Learning by doing
Studies in Amisto include learning by doing with modern technology and equipment in various learning environments. Amisto wants to ensure the high quality of on-the-job learning periods by actively keeping up contacts with companies and enterprises on local and national levels. It is also possible to take a dual degree in both vocational studies and upper secondary school studies.

On-the-job learning is an important part of vocational education. All upper secondary vocational qualifications include at least 20 credits (half a year) of on-the-job learning. This means focused, supervised and assessed learning in enterprises in genuine working environments in accordance with the curriculum. During this period, students will learn some of the practical vocational skills included in the qualification. Vocational education includes vocational skills demonstrations to prove that the objectives of vocational studies and the skills required in working life have been achieved.

International activities

International activities are part of everyday life of Porvoo Vocational College. Porvoo Vocational College has several European partner schools abroad. Good European contacts enable us to offer our students the possibility to do their on-the-job learning periods abroad, participate in international co-operation projects and take optional studies such as language and cultural courses. We welcome all international guests to visit our college and we also encourage our students and personnel to participate in study visits abroad.

Porvoo Vocational College, Amisto

Perämiehentie 6, 06100 Porvoo, Finland